Exceeding Customer Expectations - Ceramic Nozzle


Application: Flow Cytometry

Our customer pursued electro-formed gold, believing it was their only option, But partnering with SPT resulted in a CIM zirconia nozzle that outperforms the gold nozzle in all aspects

  • Full component characterization, including flow testing.
  • OD: +/- 0.003mm
  • Orifice:
    Size 0.070 +/- 0.0025mm
    Concentric < 0.010mm
    Circularity < 0.0025mm
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Medical Device Link

Flow Cytometry - Ceramic Nozzle made of Zirconia Al2O3, with CIM Ceramic Injection Molding by SPT

Nozzle made of Zirconia

Nozzle made of Zirconia

Nozzle made of Zirconia

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