Conical Punches and Stamps in High Speed Steel and Tungsten Carbide

  • Conical Bushings and Tubes
  • Material: powder metallurgical steel, hardened steel, high speed steel, Tungsten Carbide
  • High precision hole polish. Tolerance: +/-0.001 mm
  • Conical hole: Standard: +0.05 mm / Special: as per customer drawing.
  • Cylindrical length L1: min. 0.30 mm
  • High precision Outer-Diameter. Tolerance: +/-0.001 mm
  • High precision concentricity TIR. Standard: 0.003 mm / Special: 0.002 mm
  • Special designs as per request. Send us your drawing, we will submit an offer to you. Contact Form

Caonical Precise Tubes and Bushings
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