Fine Machining Products

Our Know How is originated from the manufacturing of watch jewels.
It is our aim to produce high quality bushings and tubes - from the blank to the final products
High Precision Bushings, Tubes and Guides

High Precision Bushings, Tubes and Guides

Bushings and Tubes in Steel and Carbide for production of parts in the:

  • Watch Industry 
  • Sewing Industry 
  • for Moulds 
  • for Stamping Tools 
  • for general Tool + Diemaking
Cold Forming Tools

Cold Forming Tools

Cold forming tools and mold inserts for the production of:

  • "Parts" for the car industry
  • Special screws and bolts for polymer industry
  • Connector parts for electronic industry
  • Riverts for connectors
Nozzles for Material Calibration

Nozzles for Material Calibration

Nozzle for material calibration in steel and carbide, to mesure the melt-flow-index of synthetic materials

Job Shop Work

Job Shop Work

  • Honing: from holes with diameter 0.12 mm up to diameter 25.00 mm
  • Electro-Discharge Machining (EDM), Die-Sinking EDM and Wire-Cut EDM machines
  • High-Speed Milling
  • CAD/CAM processing
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