Introduction in Ceramic Technologies


A broad definition of ceramic is any inorganic, nonmetallic material. In other words, any solid material that is not a plastic or a metal can be defined as a ceramic.

Grain Structure of Alumina  Al2O3 99.99%
Grain Structure of
Alumina  Al2O3 99.99%

Composite Ceramic
Composite Ceramic
High Density Ceramic
High Density Ceramic
Today’s fine ceramics provide excellent solutions to tough engineering challenges; they excel where traditional materials fall short. Thanks to the reproducibility of our manufacturing processes, these multipurpose materials can be produced in an economical manner in a wide variety of shapes and quantities.

Advanced ceramics usually have good mechanical properties, a low density, a high hardness and a high wear resistance. However, they remain fragile, a characteristic which can easily be overcome in most of the case by a proper design. 

Collection of Ceramic Parts, Dental Screews, Dental Braces/Brackets, Industrial Ceramic Components
Ceramic Sample Parts 1

Collection of Ceramic Parts, Ceramic Nozzle, Industrial Ceramic Components
Ceramic Sample Parts 2
Collection of Ceramic Parts, Medical Components, Wire Guides, Micro Hole Nozzles, Industrial Ceramic Components, Static Mixers
Ceramic Sample Parts 3

Typical characteristics
of ceramics

  • Ultra-hard 
  • Biocompatible 
  • Chemically inert 
  • Physically stable 
  • High strength 
  • Excellent surface finish

Resistant to

  • High temperature 
  • Wear 
  • Corrosion 
  • Bending

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Application Examples



Medical & Dental

  • Orthodontic brackets 
  • Abutments 
  • Long-term implants 
  • Pacemakers 
  • Minimally invasive surgical instruments 
  • Genomic research 
  • Dental equipment
Ceramic Dental Screews, Bio-Compatible Ceramic Drop-In, Medical Application


  • High temperature sensor windows 
  • Complex substrates 
  • Hermetic seals
  • Computer peripherals
Ceramic Fiberbloc, Dented Electronic Part Ceramic Nozzles, Electonic Application


  • Micro, wear-resistant nozzles 
  • Manufacturing tooling/dies 
  • Synthetic fiber production 
  • Wire guides 
  • Thermal protection
Ceramic Wire Guide Assembly Dented Wheel, Watch Industry

Micro Nozzles 

  • Inkjet nozzles 
  • Flow cytometry nozzles 
  • Surface mount technology 
  • Nanoliter dispense systems
Ceramic Flow Cytometry Nozzle Ceramic Capillary, with Micro Hole Polished


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