Technical Overview

Basic Ultrasonic Wedge Bonding Process

Basic Ultrasonic Wedge Bonding Process

The ultrasonic bonding process typically started by feeding the wire at an angle usually 30-60° from the horizontal bonding surface through a hole in the back of a bonding wedge. Normally, forward bonding is preferred, i.e. the first bond is made to the die and the second is made to the substrate. The reason is that it can be far less susceptible to edge shorts between the wire and die. Read more...
Bonding Wedge Tools

Bonding Wedge Tools

Wedge bonding is performed using a wedge-shaped bonding tool. Read more...

SPT has wide range of Bonding Wedge Tools for Small Wire and Large Wire:

  • Fine Pitch Bonding Tool (FP Series)
  • Universal Bonding Tool (UT/US Series)
  • Chip-On-Board AutoBonding Tool (UT Series)
  • and many more....
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