Advantages of Microloy Osmium-Carbide Alloy

The Microloy Technology a wear-resistant Osmium-Carbide alloy

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Longer tool life
Typically customers find the tool life several times longer because of wear-resistant osmium alloy at the tip of our tools. The consistency of Microloy makes the tool lifetime predictable and stable for a given application

"Low stress" bonding
Because of the excellent ultrasonic coupling, many users of these tools find that they can bond with less power, force, time and/or temperature, including room temperature bonding of gold wire at 60k Hz.

Higher reliability bonds
The unique finishes possible with the osmium enhance the transmission of ultrasonic energy and improve the quality of the bond. This is especially true with gold interconnects.

Fine pitch Bonding Wedges
The Microloy bonding tools are being used in a 35 micron pitch bonding process.

In the 1970's Microminiature Technology, Inc. discovered that an osmium (Os) based alloy had a set of properties that made it an ideal material for the tips of bonding tools used in ultrasonic wire, ribbon and TAB bonding. Its wear-resistance and unique surface finishes allow for unparalled ultrasonic coupling. The alloy was given the name "Microloy", its critical properties include:

  • High density
  • High elastic modulus
  • Extreme hardness
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Fine grain structure
  • Low porosity
SPT Microloy Osmium Alloy, Crystal Structure
Hexagon close packed crystal structure

Since then, Microminiuature Technology has been supplying these osmium tipped tools for critical bonding applications where the quality and consistency of the bond is the top priority for products such as: cardiac pacemakers, air bag sensors, military avionics, medical imaging, satellite systems and optoelectronics.   

SPT Wedge Bonding Tool with Microloy Osmium alloy
SPT Wedge Bonding Tool made of Microloy Osmium-Carbide alloy. Background: SEM image of a Microloy surface

Microloy’s properties plus our manufacturing expertise allow a unique bonding surface finishes for efficient ultrasonic coupling, with minimal  build-up for longer tool life

SPT's Wedge Bonding Tools with Microloy Osmium Carbide Alloy SPT's Microloy Osmium Carbide Alloy, surface finish SPT's Microloy Osmium Carbide Alloy, surface finish
 Wedge Bonding Tool Surface Matte "M" Frost (F)

  • High and consistent pull strengths
  • Reduced bond power, force and time
  • Less deformation of bond
  • Eliminate cross-grooves

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