RT : Rectangular Tip

Rectangular ( or square)  Tip Pick-up tools do not have replaceable tips. The body is mostly made by the assembly of a stainless steel holder into which the tip, made from another material is pressed. Other options are gluing or brazing if both materials are compatible. For small tip size ( < 0.4) , we recommend to use tungsten carbide (W)  base material. Depending on the shank type configuration, the tool may be made from 1 single piece. This is generally the case for cylindical shanks with W tip material.

 RT : Rectangular Tip  Torlon Pick-Up ToolRT : Rectangular Tip  Tungsten Carbide Pick-Up ToolRT : Rectangular Tip  Tungsten Carbide Pick-Up Tool

Special face configurations are possible like Multi-Hole for thin die handling or off-center vacuum holes for surface sentive or membrane die types

RT : Rectangular Tip  Steel Pick-Up ToolRT : Rectangular Tip  Vespel Pick-Up Tool

When and Why to use RT:

  • Various Choice of Tip Material
  • Available in Very Small Tip Size
  • Various ESD safe Tip Material
  • Easy Tool Access to Substrate
  • Various High Temp Resistant Material
  • Reduced Risk of Die Rotation ( compared to CT) 
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