PCTR, PRTR : Pure Conical & Rectangular Vacuum Pick-Up Tool Tip Rubber

The Thermoplastic Elastomer combines the properties of thermoplastics and rubbers in one polymer. This TPE is the material of choice for many products in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. It is well suited to the increasing demand of higher quality tools for the microelectronic world.

PCTR has a round contact face. It is available in size ranging from 20mil to 400mil.
PRTR has a rectangular contact face. A few sizes are available in this configuration.

Pure Conical Tip Rubber, Thermoplastic ElastomerPure Rectangular Tip Rubber, Thermoplastic Elastomer

Material Hardness : 85 ShoreA , Color : Translucent

When and Why to use PCTR or PRTR :

  • Very High Purity 
  • Static Dissipative
  • Small Wall Size
  • Leave no Dark Mark on Die
  • Molded Accurately to Final Shape
  • Recyclable Material
  • Very Reproducible
  • Clean Packing
  • Customer Shape on Request 


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