UFP: 30µm BPP QFN Copper Wire Overhang Stacked-Die (BSOB)

The new generation of advance electronics packages has driven the development of wire bonding technology to its full limits. Innovative package miniaturization approaches have been concertedly developed to deal with the packages’ physical limitation. The end result is a compact, high performance, and low power consuming device with more functions. Important factors such as high reliability performance and lower cost of ownership have become major considerations in the overall package design.

The dynamic of package evolution from a simple leaded or laminated device to a multiple stacks, overhang, system-in-package, fine-pitch , stitch on bump, micro rough PPF leadframe, high pin count QFN drive the wire bonding technology to develop a solution for advanced packaging. This has posed a tremendous challenge in the wire bond interconnect technology to develop new generation of wire bonders with additional features. Nevertheless, proper capillary selection and consideration are also the key factors to the success of advanced wire bonding solution. The ultrasonic behavior, capillary basic and auxiliary geometries are studied diligently to adopt a  solution based approach.

Driven by the escalating market price of gold as compared to copper,  gold-to-copper wire conversion for wire bonding interconnect has become the major direction adopted by the semiconductor packaging assembly companies to further lower its manufacturing cost. The utilization of copper wire necessitates changes in the material, machine capability, bonding approach, and capillary used.

SPT offers a wide range of capillary designs based on the given device/package application type and optimized to produce consistent and robust wire bonding process. Customers are assured of high quality standards and conformity to specifications. SPT’s SU (enhanced coupling feature) finishing combined with either DOP (Doppler) capillary design and SQ (ideal for QFN packages) are today’s renowned solutions for copper wire bonding application. Today, SPT takes the lead in high volume copper wire bonding production, supplying copper wire bonding capillaries to major IDMs and OSAT companies and we have been accorded numerous accolades for our technical support and capillary performance for their gold to copper wire conversion programs. Other SPT’s capillary series such as, Programmed Intelligence (PI) and Stitch Integrator (SI), are still commonly used to address gold wire bonding related issues.

SPT differentiates itself by providing customers with robust capillary products and designs to meet these new packaging technology challenges using state-of-the-art Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) technology, superior fine grade of ceramic composite material and a fully automated nanotechnology finishing process . Today, SPT is the only bonding tool supplier with numerous factories, strategically located around the world to be as close to our customers as possible. SPT’s team of sales and technical application specialists ensure that our customers receive professional service and support from design phase to mass production. Our commitment to product and service excellence to our customers is part of the sustaining culture of SPT.  We welcome your enquiries and look forward to serve you.

This catalogue serves as handbook of wire bonding information and the layout guides you through to the selection of suitable capillary design for any specific device & package application. If you are still in doubt or require further clarification, please feel free to contact our local SPT technical assistance in your area.

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