Capillary Tip Surface Finish Selection

Over the years, the semiconductor IC assemblies have only two choices of capillary tip surface finishing either polished or matte finish for their gold wire bonding processes that was meant only for this specific application. However, as new semiconductor interconnect technology rapidly evolve, the industry starts to utilize variants of new packaging metallization plating finish on both leaded and substrate based materials that would lower the cost of ownership applicable for both gold and copper wire.


SU Finish for Copper Wire Application

Another SPT’s proprietary state-of-the-art finishing is the SU capillary which is highly recommended for high volume production using copper wire bonding, characterized by granulated protrusion surface morphology to enhanced better coupling between the Cu and lead frame or laminate based materials.

SI Finish for Gold Wire Stitch Bonding Enhancement

SPT’s proprietary SI (Stitch Integrator) finishing is ideal for hard to bond lead frame or substrate metallization using gold (Au) wire.

Matte Finish for Gold Wire Application

SPT’s fine matte finish capillaries provide better stitch adhesion between gold (Au) wire and substrate or leaded based metallization. The matte finishing only appears in the capillary tip surface while maintaining polished hole and chamfer area to ensure smoother exit of wire during looping.

Polished Finish for Gold Wire Application

Polished capillary finishing has the advantage of lesser susceptible to load-up, and consequently, extending its useful life span. SPT’s ultra-precision polishing technique ensures uniformly smoother surface finish that is desirable for gold (Au) wire bonding application.

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