Capillary Shank Style Selection To Fit Specific Bonding Application

With the rapid changes in the assembly and packaging technology requirements, new packaging solutions are being introduced in response to the demand for smaller, thinner, lighter and high performance multifunctional electronic products. The emerging global semiconductor assembly’s direction to convert from gold to copper has added new sets of challenges to bond various types of packages such as ultra-fine pitch, stacked die, multi-tier, low-k and fine-pitch. In compliant with these new bonding requirements, SPT has developed a wide range of new capillary designs for a given specific application which is generally classified as follows: shank style; capillary tip finishing; and material.

Solution For Advanced Bonding Application
Programmed Intelligence (PI) Capillary

PI capillary unique geometrical design is a popularly used for devices such as low-K, fine -pitch application , and advanced packaging which require ball-stitch-on-ball (BSOB), over-hang devices, and ultra-fine pitch wire bonding using gold, copper or Ag alloy wire.

PI capillary is designed to improve repeatability and portability of ultrasonic transmission from one bonder to the next. The PI capillary design characteristic exhibits higher amplitude displacement compared with conventional as shown in the laser test results as compared with conventional capillary.



Solution For QFN
SQ Capillary

QFN (Quad Flat Non-Lead) is low-cost and high density package type used for both gold and copper wire bonding application.  It comes with inherent drawback in wire bonding process that causes lead bouncing problem due to unsupported leads.  Lead bouncing is more prominent on the Tape QFN where the polyimide tape actually softens when subjected to high bonding temperature. The softening effect actually absorbs (loses) certain amount ultrasonic energy needed to bond the stitch. SQ capillary is geometrically designed to provide massive stability in QFN packages to form excellent stitch bond using high thermo-compression bonding concept with lesser incursion of ultrasonic energy.


  Less displacement at the tip applying same power setting


Solution For Ultra-Low K, sensitive metallization
Doppler Capillary

DOPPLER with multiple cylindrical steps is a uniquely designed, patented capillary, engineered to enhance the ball bondability and reliability performance especially for devices with sensitive pad metallization structure configuration using gold or copper wire (e.g. BOAC, Ultra-Low K, and over-hanged dice) requiring efficient energy transfer but lesser incursions of USG/ bond power parameter and lower inertia at initial impact. Doppler capillary is designed to minimize bond pad damage due to cratering or peeling. This was made possible by higher amplification ratio at the capillary tip, higher amplitude displacement at the tip, and lower inertia at initial impact.




Solution For Standard Bonding Applications
UT Capillary

UT capillary series is geometrically designed for non-fine pitch, and non- bottleneck type used for gold and copper wire application. The main design feature is main taper angle (MTA) either 30° or 20° MTA with larger tip size 140µm and above. The UT design has become an ideal choice for LED (light emitting diodes) application.

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