CR - The Leading Choice For Copper Wire Bonding

New capillary series for copper wire bonding application developed to extend useable tool life and lower cost of ownership. It is made of ultra-fine grain, high density ceramic composite material that can withstand high mechanical stress during wire bonding process.
BSOB IC Roughened PPF

Properties  Units   CR
 Density  g/cm3  4.0
 Hardness  HV1 2150 
 Bending Strength  MPa  750
 Average Grain Size  µm  1.2

'X' FINISH - Perfectly Combined with CR Material

  • Enhanced coupling between wire and capillary tip surface
  • Proven stability for extended period of wire bonding
  • Increased durability - higher mechanical resistance

How To Order

For more information and trial samples, contact your local SPT sales.

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