EFO Wands

The importance of consistent free air ball (FAB) for fine-pitch (FP) and ultra-fine pitch (UFP) bonding applications has led to the development of new alloy material to improve the performance of the EFO wand. Together with a new proprietary process, consistent EFO sparking effect can be achieved with SPT EFO wands. SPT is capable of making customized EFO wands used on different types of bonder with precise dimensions and accuracy.

When a new EFO wand is first installed on the bonder, inconsistent sparking effect normally occurs, causing inconsistent FAB formation. It was also noticed that the spark, during firing tends to sway to the left or right during the initial sparks. This has the tendency to produce a tilted FAB as shown. This effect is mainly due to the inability of the new EFO to lead the current to flow from the same point.
  Tilted FAB   Effect of the tilted FAB  Consistent firing of the EFO

To eliminate such adverse effect, SPT has introduced a proprietary process whereby new EFO wands are subjected to continuous sparking similar to those seen on the bonder. Such process will ensure that the new EFO wands can achieve its desired performance without having to “season” them, thus causing production delay and yield loss.This process can be performed for a wide variety of EFO wands used for different types of bonders currently available in the market.

  • Consistent free air ball formation & ball shape uniformity
  • Consistent ball size control.
  • Ball shape uniformity.
  • Proprietary process for superior sparking performance.

Note: Other standard or custom models available on request

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Example : EFO - KNS 8028

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