Small Wire (SW) and Ribbon Wire (RW) Wedge Series

Small wire/ribbon wedge tools

Which are available for Au, Al and Cu wires ranging from .0005”-.003”(13 microns - 76 microns) incorporates all the latest technical features in semiconductor wire bonding tool designs and is widely used by every bonder manufacturer in the world.

SW Wedge Series

UT / US series - Universal

The UT/US series incorporates all the common features of a wedge with the cavity guide and square back radius that is widely used by most bonder manufacturer. This tool style is most commonly used for small wire application where fine pitch bonding is not required.

30COB Series – Chip On Board

The 30COB series is a standard 30° feed wedge designed for the common auto wedge bonder used for aluminum wire bonding chip on board application. It follows the features of the UT series wedge with the cavity guide but it comes with the elliptical back radius.

ABT Series - Autobonding

The ABT series incorporates all the common features of a wedge with the cavity guide design, which is widely used for small aluminum wire bonding. It comes with the elliptical back radius which keeps the wire in the center of the tool for better bond placement capability.

FP Series - Fine Pitch

The FP series incorporates the best features of ABT and US series designs and usually comes with a side relief VR feature for fine pitch application.

NT/NS Series - Notch

The NT/NS is a standard V-notch design for small aluminum wire that is common use for conventional manual bonding machines.

M Series - Microwave

The M series is a V-notch tool design with short bond foot for small bonding pads, which is common for microwave devices.


 RW Series - Ribbon Wedge

RW Series – Ribbon Wire

The RW series is a bonding tool for small ribbon wire bonding with ribbon sizes ranging from .0020"/50 microns up to .0200"/500 microns.