2151-CT Conical Tool

Threaded Conical Tool Tip

The 2151-CT Conical Tool is the perfect tool for picking up, holding, transferring and placing a die or component on a substrate.

With its conical tool tip and threaded steel shank, this tool is versatile and easy to use. You can choose from a variety of different plastic materials and face shapes to suit your needs.

The M2 thread makes it easy to mount this tool on a dedicated bonding head. The fixed tip can be round, square or rectangular.

This versatile tool is a necessity for anyone who needs to handle dies or components with highest precision.

2151-CT Conical Tool with Shank 2102


Denomination Properties
2151-CT Threaded Conical Tip
Tip Materials Any Plastic tip from SPT List
Holder Materials Stainless Steel
Electr. Resistance Depending on material
Size Face Diameter 6 mils up (0.150mm)
Temp. Resistance Depending on material up to 280°C

Advantages of the 2151-CT Conical Tool

  • Easy to mount thanks to M2 thread
  • Less servicing costs
  • High precision
  • Various plastic tips available
  • Available in various shapes



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