HCTE, HRTE High Temperature

High Temperature Conical & Rectangular Elastomer

This black Elastomer rubber is an alternative to the high temperature HCTR & HRTR Silicone rubber product.

The range of available sizes starts with a minimum size of 008x008 up to 470x470 mils.

Every type is build from a family of 4 distinct types identified as:  A B C D.

The types A and B are compatible with the shank having the square insert type A/B while the others are compatible with the shank with square insert type C/D.



Denomination Properties
HCTE High Temp Conical
HRTE High Temp Rectangular Vacuum Tip Elastomer
Material Black FKM
Hardness 85 Shore A
Size Face Diameter/Length 8-470 mils (0.20-12 mm)
Elect. Resistance ESD safe, 104-105 Ohm
Temp. Resistance High Temp. Applications, 250°C
Options Multi-Holes/ Cross Groove for Thin Die/ Countersunk for LED