FCTR, FRTR Rubber Tip

FlipChip Conical & Rectangular Tip Rubber


FCTR has a round contact face. It is available in size ranging from 30 mils to 180 mils for type A and 200 mils to 400 mils for type C. FRTR has a rectangular contact face, a few sizes are available in this configuration. Due to the softness of this material, these tools are ideal to pick dies with bumped surface. Special shanks have to be used with those tips.


FCTR FlipChip Conical Vacuum Tip
FRTR FlipChip Rectangular Vacuum Tip
Material White Thermoplastic Elastomer
Hardness 40 - 55 Shore A
Size Face Diameter 30-400 mils (0.76-10 mm)
Electr. Resistance ESD safe, 107-1010 Ohm
Temp. Resistance

Room Temperature Applications, 100°C

Options AS: Anti-Stick feature available, Multi- Holes Pad