SU Capillary

Special Coupling Finish for Copper Wire Bonding

SU Capillaries are the new Standard for Copper -   incorporates an excellent durable material with SPT’s proprietary enhanced surface finishing with superior ‘gripping’ features to deliver high reliability stitch bonds for a wide range of copper wire bonding applications from fine wire 15µm to large wire of 100µm wire sizes.

Bondability of the SU Capillaries

In copper wire bonding process, bond integrity at the interface between the stitch and leaded or laminate surface is measured by using a wire pull tester. The bonded wire is pulled as close as possible to the stitch, and the pull test strength reading (in gram-force) is taken. Expectedly, the higher pull test strength value is desired, and a remaining stitch failure mode is indicative of a good bond at the interface.

su capillary