SQ Capillary

Designed for QFN packages

SPT’s new SQ capillary series features a consistent surface morphology finishing used for both gold (Au) and copper (Cu) wires, specifically developed for QFN wire bonding. The SQ capillary is designed in line with thermocompression bonding concept. The uniqueness of the SQ capillary is shown in the actual bonding response in terms of higher productivity (due to improved MTBA & higher capillary touchdown) and reliability of the bonded product.


Improved MTBA- With SQ capillary, there will be lesser assist due to short tail or broken stitch which is inherent with bonding QFN package. Experience more machine uptime!

Higher Capillary Touchdown -SQ capillary coupled with optimized bonding parameters, has proven to deliver an increase in the capillary tool life as lower bond force (BF) is utilized to bond the QFN package.

Proven Reliability - Whether on gold or copper wire, the SQ capillary is designed to enhance the formation of larger & width stitch bond that will effectively increase the stitch pull reading values & longer size copper remains.