Doppler Capillary

For Sensitive Metallization

DOPPLER with multiple cylindrical steps is a uniquely designed, patented capillary, engineered to enhance the ball bondability and reliability performance especially for devices with sensitive pad metallization structure configuration such as BOAC, Ultra-Low K, and over-hanged dice which requiring efficient energy transfer but lesser incursions of  USG/bond power parameter and lower inertia at initial impact. Doppler is designed to minimize bond pad damage due to cratering or peeling. This was made possible by higher amplification ratio at the capillary tip, higher amplitude displacement at the tip, and lower inertia at initial impact. 

doppler capillary


Apply lower bonding parameter (USG / Power) for better stability.

Less aluminum splash out  for better reliability.

Lower impact during bonding to minimize/ eliminate pad damaged.

Full injection molding for excellent portability.