Infinity Capillary

Infinity Capillary - Anti-Load up for Gold & Silver Wire Bonding

Stretching your Capillary Life

Infinity Capillary In wire bonding, load-up on the capillary face is inevitable as the bond touchdown increases. This is mainly due to the scrubbing action of the capillary from the ultrasonic energy applied in the process of making bonds. As the load-up amount increases, bond quality is affected. The useful life of the capillary can be defined as the maximum bond number before the bond quality produced by the capillary is deemed unacceptable. Depending on the types of substrate and bonding condition, the tool life of the capillary can vary from a few hundred thousand bonds to more than 1 million bonds.

Infinity Capillary

A SPT proprietary process has been developed to extend the bonding tool life by at least three times its current limit, utilizing state-of-art controlled high purity process that enhances the sub-surface properties of the ceramic based material. Through various in-house testing and user evaluations, the long life capillary has proven to exceed the current tool life by at least 2 times the standard.

3x longer capillary life

Remarkable Performance

The remarkable long life capillary has arrived - Infinity. SPT`s high performace capillary can outperform the life span no other capillaries can. Along with a new industry record in bonding touchdowns, the Infinity offers maximum productivity and throughput with reduced downtimes for tool change and consistent bond quality and reliability. no fuss and no change in bonding parameters, just plug and play!

For over three decades, SPT has led the industry in delivering ground breaking wire bonding capillaries to meet the challenges of semiconductor wire bonding.

infinity is innovated based on SPT`s proprietary know-how utilizing state-of-the-art controlled high purity process that enhaces the sub-surface properties of the ceramic based material.

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