Bonding Capillaries Text

Bonding Capillaries for standard and ultra-fine pitch thermosonic gold, copper and silver alloy wire bonding

SPT offers a wide range of Bonding Capillaries with designs and features optimized for your bonding needs. From standard bonding packages, such as SOIC, TSOP up to complex bonding applications for low-k, stacked die, multi-tier, Cu wire, ultra fine-pitch bonding and many more. SPT Capillaries support your widest array of bonding applications and challenges.

Our Bonding Capillaries utilize exclusive Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) technology and in-house material formulation and sintering processing technologies. This enables us to offer a wide range of semiconductor bonding capillaries for standard and ultra fine pitch thermosonic gold, copper and silver alloy wire bonding. Our CIM technology provides superior dimensional accuracy and surface finish compared to other methods, and our in-house processing ensures consistent quality control. As a result, our Bonding Capillaries are able to meet the demanding requirements of the semiconductor industry.

SPT Bonding Capillaries are designed to meet the demands of the most complex bonding applications. The specialized designs and features of our bonding capillaries provide optimal bonding performance for your needs. Our products cover everything from standard SOIC, TSOP packages to intricate low-k bonding, stacked die bonding, multi-tier bonding, Cu wire bonding, and ultra fine-pitch bonding.

The Bonding Capillaries from SPT are designed to be reliable, efficient, and deliver superior bonding results for your toughest bonding challenges. With SPT bonding capillaries, you can trust that your bonding needs will be met with the utmost precision and quality.