Ceramic Bearing

Clockwork Bearing

Ceramic bearings are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries due to their many advantages over traditional metal bearings. Ceramic bearings are made from a harder, more durable material than metal bearings, and they can therefore withstand higher loads and speeds without wear or damage. In addition, ceramic bearings are much smoother than metal bearings, which results in less friction and heat buildup. This can lead to increased efficiency and longer bearing life.

Ceramic bearings are also more resistant to corrosion than metal bearings, and they are not affected by magnetic fields. This makes them ideal for use in applications where metal bearings would be susceptible to rust or damage from electromagnetic. interference.


Material:                                                                         ZrO2

Weight [g]:                                                                      0.052

Tolerance [mm]:                                                            Slot ±0.002

Special properties:                                                        light weight, tribological properties

Clockwork Component


Denomination Properties
Application Clockwork Bearing
Materials Zirconia
Special Tribological
Resistances Grease, chemical and rust resistant
Industrial Sector Luxury Watch Industry
Tolerance ± 0.002 mm

Advantages of Ceramic Bearings

  • No heat buildup
  • Light weight
  • Ultra-precise
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Very high durability
  • High loads and speeds without wear damage
  • Excellent tribological properties
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Less friction
  • Not affected by magnetic fields


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