Ceramic Parts for Industrial Technology

Application examples for different industries

Ceramic Injection Molding enables the economical production of ultra-precise small parts with maximum design freedom in terms of geometry and material properties. In this way, the advantages of the high-performance material are applied in a wide range of industries.

Typical properties of ceramics: Required product properties:
  • More temperature resistant than metal /plastic
  • Very high hardness
  • Extremely dimensionally stable
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Very corrosion resistant
  • Very wear resistant
  • Very good biocompatibility
  • Color/transparency can be influenced
  • Electrically and thermally insulating
  • Highest reproducibility in the µ range
  • Net-shape without post-processing
  • High hardness
  • High dimensional stability, even at high temperatures
  • High temperature resistance (up to 1,300°C)
  • High strength
  • Chemically inert
  • Highest compressive strength
  • Corrosion resistant, even in aggressive media