Properties of Advanced Ceramic

With a broad definition, all inorganic, non-metallic materials can be called ceramics. In other words, anything that cannot be classified as plastics or metals is considered a ceramic

Today's Fine Ceramics deliver first-class solutions to difficult technical challenges with outstanding results that put conventional materials to shame. Thanks to the reproducibility of our manufacturing processes, these versatile materials can be produced economically in a wide range of shapes and quantities.

Advanced Ceramics have very positive mechanical properties, such as high density, high hardness and extreme resistance to wear. Reduced fracture toughness is a characteristic whose risks can be well controlled in design terms.

advanced ceramic

advanced ceramics

Advanced Ceramics

advanced ceramics


Typical characteristics of ceramics

  • Ultra-hard 
  • Biocompatible 
  • Chemically inert 
  • Physically stable 
  • High strength 
  • Excellent surface finish

Restistant to:

  • High temperature 
  • Wear 
  • Corrosion 
  • Bending

Custom-made Fine Ceramic Products


At the limit of what is technically feasible....

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