Ceramic Injection Molding

Your need is our challenge. SPT is the technology leader in the development and manufacture of technical and customized, high-precision parts using Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM).

We specialize in Molding Ceramics of small, complex & precise components with micron tolerances. We process materials such as Alumina, Zirconia, zirconia-hardened alumina and poly crystalline ruby and strictly follow their design specifications.

Application examples:

  • Nozzles with hole diameters ≥ 15µm and tolerances ≥ 1µm.
  • Medical tools & implants
  • Dental applications
  • Industrial and electronic components


Ceramic Injection Molding Process

The CIM process uses Injection Molding and Sintering techniques to produce complex parts with very hard materials that would be too difficult, too expensive or even impossible to produce using conventional methods. The Injection Molding Process can also be used to join components that previously required costly subsequent assembly.

Block diagram of state-of-the art- ceramic injection molding (CIM) for capillary


Ceramic Product Applications

Ceramic Injection Molding enables the economical production of high-precision small parts with maximum design freedom in terms of geometry, material properties, and reproducibility. Each customized, high-precision ceramic part has individual properties and requirements. As the world's leading manufacturer of customized, high-precision parts, our highly qualified employees work with you throughout the entire planning and development process. In this way, we jointly optimize the end product and the production chain in the best possible way.

Parts For Medical And Dental Applications

various small ceramic parts on scale


SPT manufactures precision parts in technical ceramics for the dental and medical industry

Due to the outstanding material properties of ceramics, there are many applications, especially in the dental and medical industries. 


High Precision Watch & Industrial Parts

High Precision Ceramic Watch Parts on Scale


Application examples for different industries

Thanks to its maximum design freedom, the CIM process gives a wide range of industries access to the advantages of the high-performance material ceramic.

High End Nozzles

High End Ceramic Nozzles on Scale


SPT is specialized in the production of precision nozzles

The CIM process enables the economical production of ceramic high-precision nozzles. Bores with tolerances of 1 micrometer are our daily business.

Ceramic Injection Molding Materials

With a broad definition, all inorganic, non-metallic materials can be called ceramics. In other words, everything that cannot be assigned to plastics or metals is considered ceramics

"Advanced Ceramics have very positive mechanical properties, such as high density, high hardness and extreme resistance against wear. Good design control can add strength to control risks of fracture."

Reduced fracture strength is a characteristic whose risks can be well controlled in terms of design.

SPT has decades of experience in the field of technical ceramics

Technical Ceramics have become a trendy material in many industries today in terms of performance, durability and aesthetics. The properties of most Ceramic Injection Molding Materials are suitable for a wide range of applications.
Upon request, our materials can be qualified according to international ISO or ASTM standards.

picture of various molded ceramic parts

1. Zirconia

table with properties of zircon oxide

2. Alumina

table with properties of alumina oxide


Why Ceramic Injection Molding ?

The CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding) process has the following advantages over other manufacturing processes in economic and technical terms

Today's Fine Ceramics deliver world-class solutions to difficult engineering challenges with outstanding results that outshine conventional materials. Thanks to the reproducibility of our manufacturing process, these versatile materials can be produced economically in a wide range of shapes and quantities.

Economically, our Injection Molding to near net shape allows high volume quantities at a good cost value to our customers.

Why Ceramic Injection Molding?