About SPT


SPT Small Precision Tools - precision is our middle name

What are SPT's exceptional capabilities based on? They are based on our roots in the watch industry. We have applied this expertise to the highly technical and innovative world of modern microelectronics and the precision industry.

Today, SPT is known as the world's leading full-range supplier of tools for the semiconductor industry, as well as a technology leader in ceramic injection molding with  focus on micro-miniature products.



We delight in satisfying our customers

What does SPT mean by perfection? We aim for total customer satisfaction from ourselves. We adopt: the most advanced technologies to produce superior products to meet customer specifications. As a pioneer in the industry, we work consistently on the continuous improvement of our processes.

We maintain these standards through highly motivated and qualified employees and a dedicated management. Today, we serve over a thousand long-standing customers in more than fifty countries, who regularly award us top marks for service and quality.



Quality is our business

What does quality mean for SPT? Delivering quality is a matter of honor. We focus on the most demanding, innovative products and services with the highest possible quality standards. The basis for this is a consistent focus of our efforts on the needs of our customers.

Our machinery and manufacturing techniques are among the most advanced in the industry. Quality assurance is provided by a quality management system certified according to ISO13485:2016 and/or ISO9001:2015 in all SPT facilities.



Good for our employees, even better for the environment

How does SPT position itself on the topic of sustainability? We strive to be an attractive and social employer and are committed to high standards in environmental protection and production safety. This commitment is an integral part of our management philosophy.

We produce on the basis of international ESG guidelines and applicable legal requirements, and guarantee the highest environmental and safety standards in all our global subsidiaries.