Precision Bushings

Customized bushings and sleeves

SPT produces small and high precision bushings and tubes.
Inside geometry is available in cylindrical, conical design, with cylindrical relief or custom designed characteristics.

If required, inside bores can be produced ultra precise within tolerances less than 2 micron, polished or ground.

For standard products or custom design you can select from many different materials with excelent properties.

Our prefered materials are: Tungsten Carbide, steel, hardened steel, powder metallurgical steel and high speed steel. 

Supplying different industries for years adds to our experience to be your partner for bushings.

Geometrical specifications and tolerances:

  • High precision hole polish. Tolerance: +/-0.001 mm
  • High precision Outer-Diameter. Tolerance: +/-0.001 mm
  • High precision concentricity TIR. Standard: 0.003 mm / Special: 0.002 mm



Denomination Properties
Application Mold making, Watch parts
Materials Thungsten carbide, Hardened Steel, HSS
Maintenance Almost no maintenance
Resistance Rust and abrasion
Industry Textile, Plastics, Watches
Tolerances +/-0.001 mm

Advantages of Precision Bushings

  • High precision hole polish

  • Outer-Diameter and Length raw

  • Material: Hardened Steel,Tungsten Carbide, HSS

  • High-quality and precise manufacturing

  • Ultra-fine surfaces

  • Micro-bore finishes

  • From medium to very small dimensions

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