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SPT - Service & Suport Highest product quality and reliability, unsurpassed technology, and impeccable technical service, will continue to be our objectives to ensure total customer satisfaction. Our dynamism is an outstanding trait of our technical sales and service team. This has resulted into productive partnerships with our customers worldwide. Our innovative ideas are not limited to the refinement of our technology but we are continuously developing and implementing pioneering concepts to meet tomorrow's requirement today. Our decisiveness to provide total customer service epitomizes our tradition.

Today, we are the only bonding tool supplier with numerous production facilities, each strategically positioned around the world, to be as close as possible to our customers, thereby providing fast response time, efficient customer service and above all, on-time delivery. We are backed by a customer support center in every country for total after-sales and service support. We provide value-added services such as partnership developments, consultation, bonding analysis and seminars.


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Request Information / Quote

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