Wedge Bonding Tools

Introduction in Wedge Bonding

Introduction in Wedge Bonding

The oldest and still commonly used method in semiconductor assembly is wedge-to-wedge wire bonding.  SPT was involved in the early development of wedge tool design and presently offers a wide selection depending on the wire size, using Au or Al wire ranging from .0005”-.003”(13µm-76µm), and large Al wire .003”-.020”(76µm-500µm).  Tools for ribbon wire and various TAB applications are also available under this product category.
Small Wire Bonding Tools

Small Wire Bonding Tools


  • Fine Pitch Bonding Tool (FP)
  • Universal Bonding Tool (UT/US)
  • Chip-On-Board AutoBonding Tool (UT)
  • AutoBonding Tool (ABT)
  • Microwave Bonding Tool (M)
Large Wire Bonding Tools

Large Wire Bonding Tools


  • No-Hole Inline U-Groove (CK)
  • No-Hole Inline V-Groove (CKVD)
  • No-Hole Inline V-Groove (LWD6)
  • No-Hole Inline V-Groove (OSG7)
  • Feed Hole Inline V-Groove (45CK)
  • Feed Hole Inline V-Groove (AB16)
  • Feed Hole Inline V-Groove (3016/4516)
  • Feed Hole Inline V-Groove (30D6/45D6/60D6)
  • Feed Hole Inline U/V-Groove (1015A, 2015A/1016A, 2016A)
Ribbon Wire Bonding Tool

Ribbon Wire Bonding Tool


  • Ribbon Wire Bonding Tool (RW)
Single Point-TAB Bonding Tools

Single Point-TAB Bonding Tools


  • Double Cross Groove (7000/7100)
  • Double Cross Protrusion (7500/7600)
  • Waffle Foot (7045W/7145W)
Special Bonding Tools

Special Bonding Tools


  • Side Wire Bonding Wedge (1008A)
  • Insulated Wire Bonding Wedge (XGA)
  • PF Needle
Microloy Osmium-Carbide Alloy

Microloy Osmium-Carbide Alloy

SPT aquired the business activities of Microminiature Technology, Inc. and continues to produce wedges bonding tools with Osmium-Carbide alloy.

Check SPT Catalogue for design - and order with Material designation M (Microloy) in place of W, Ti or C
Wedge Bonding Tools Catalog

Wedge Bonding Tools Catalog

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