Technical Guide for Bonding Capillary



The new generation of advanced electronic packages has driven the development of the wire bonding technology to its full limits …..
Ceramic Injection Molding

Ceramic Injection Molding

Mixing of ceramic powder to ceramic injection molding, sintering and the polishing process for the critical dimensions of the capillary.
Basics of Ball Bonding Process

Basics of Ball Bonding Process

Thermosonic ball & stitch bonding is the most widely used assembly technique to interconnect the internal circuitry of the die to the lead …..
Basic Capillary Design Rules

Basic Capillary Design Rules

The capillary used for thermosonic ball bonding has many significant features that can affect the bonding process. A good understanding of such features helps to minimize many of the bond quality issues as well as bonding-related problems.
Wire Bonding Process Optimization

Wire Bonding Process Optimization

A wire bond process optimization is essential for bonding process stability. The process optimization defines a process parameter for ball and stitch bond quality.


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