Advanced Bonding Application

PI Programmed Intelligence Capillary - Logo   A new revolution in bonding solution for complex devices

The transition from fine-pitch (FP) to ultra fine pitch (UFP) volume production, and the emergence of stacked-die, CSP and ultra low loop bonding has increased the level of difficulties in wire bonding process. In compliance with these new bonding requirements, a new generation and high performance design, known as the PI (Programmed Intelligence) capillary has been developed.

PI Programmed Intelligence Capillary - Logo


  • Superior bonding performance with good repeatability and portability for a broad range of complex bonding applications.

  • Applicable for FP & UFP bonding, ULL bonding, CSP bonding, low-k bonding & stacked-die bonding.

  • More responsive to the bonding parameters, producing better bond integrity.


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Low-K Wire Bonding Low-K焊接

Low-K Wire Bonding Low-K焊接

The process for low-k device bonding is very sensitive especially for ultra-fine-pitch bonding    Low-k工艺技术与超密间距焊线工艺相结合后的Low-k产品对焊线程序参数非常敏感....read 更多more
Multi-Tier Wire Bonding

Multi-Tier Wire Bonding

Multi-Tier wire bonding offers an alternative to increase the number of I/O beyond 1000....read more
Stacked-Die Wire Bonding

Stacked-Die Wire Bonding

The demands for high electrical performance and pin count have resulted in....read more
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